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Benefits of the Supplier Development Programme


1.SASDC members can use the programme to assist them with developing a robust supply chain of highly trained Black suppliers who otherwise would not have been available to the SASDC member.


  2. Members have the ability to improve the capabilities of suppliers who will enter or are already part of their supply chains, thus reducing future inefficiencies,     relationship costs and supply chain risks.


3. Members can benefit from sector programmes, should more than one SASDC member in the same sector decide to develop the same suppliers, as costs can be shared, and interventions tailored to fulfil the collective industry needs.


  4. Ability to measure all suppliers based on the same criteria in order to identify areas of development required. This allows for easier comparison across     suppliers, with a more objective view of their strengths, gaps and needs.


5. Ability to secure a pipeline of suppliers in various stages of development, and various sizes, to ultimately feed the supply chain of the SASDC member in a more structured manner.


  6. Ability to spend Enterprise and Supplier Development funding in a measurable way through a programme where results can be tracked.


7. Ability to select suppliers based on the certification process conducted by SASDC, ultimately providing approval according to the required standards for the member.