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EY Ripples Workshops

EY Ripples Business Clinic Workshops

EY aims through EY Ripples to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2030 as its new, ambitious global corporate responsibility program.  More than 1 million people across EY member firms and their communities will be mobilized globally through the program, with the aim to drive long-term change by rapidly expanding EY action in three focus areas:

  • Working with impact entrepreneurs around the world to scale innovative solutions to global problems.
  • Supporting the next generation to develop mindsets and skills to find and sustain meaningful work.
  • Accelerating environmental sustainability by driving adoption of business models that protect and regenerate the environment, while unlocking economic opportunity.

The EY organization is increasing the provision of not-for-profit consulting services for impact entrepreneurs, wherein EY people dedicate their time and skills to diverse projects that help tackle inequality and drive sustainable growth around the world.

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