Webinar - Patents Registration with S&Z Attorneys

Webinar - Patents Registration with S&Z Attorneys

To Patent or not to Patent

If your company has developed a new or improved device, method, process or substance, a decision on whether to apply for a patent should be part of your company’s business strategy.

You should consider:

What commercial benefits can be gained and if the return will outweigh the time effort and money required to obtain and maintain the patent.

  • In what countries are your markets and who are your competitors.
  • Would a patent monopoly lessen the risk of someone infringing your patent.
  • Do you have the financial resources to obtain patent protection in the countries in which you intend to market your invention.
  • What would the consequences be if someone else independently developed the same or very similar invention.

Having considered the issues, you may decide that filing a patent application is not the best option for your company.  If it is a process, you may decide to keep the invention a trade secret.

  • Alternatively, you might decide to try to be first to the marketplace and publish/advertise details of your invention. This will prevent someone else obtaining a patent for it and therefore obtain a commercial monopoly. However, competitor firms would be free to reverse engineer it or use it for their own benefit.


Join us for this discussion and more.

To patent or not to patent is a decision that needs careful consideration.  Obtaining a patent can be a complex and costly procedure.  A patent specification is a legal document and requires specialist skills to draft properly. Your chances of obtaining a useful patent are much greater if you use a patent attorney.  So before taking a decision you should consider consulting a registered patent attorney.

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Anthony van Zantwijk

Partner at Sibanda & Zantwijk

Mr Anthony van Zantwijk, partner at Sibanda & Zantwijk, a law firm that focuses on intellectual property - patents, trademarks and designs. The firm started in 2007 and includes two patent attorneys (Paulo and Anthony) and a trademark attorney (Taya). In 2019 and 2020 S&Z was the second largest filer of South African provisional patents. Their focus is on reducing costs to make intellectual property more accessible.

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