"The Council serves as a Platform through which Corporates, Black Owned Enterprises & other Strategic Entities can do more business by leveraging Preferential Procurement & Supplier Development Interventions"

The Council serves as a Platform through which Corporates, Black Owned Enterprises & other Strategic Entities can do more business leveraging Preferential Procurement & Supplier Development Interventions.  We recognise that finding other groups and organizations with similar interests that are willing to work with us on common issues or projects, is strategically advantageous.  At the SASDC, our philosophy is grounded by just some of the following benefits that can result from collaborating with others:

Synergy: The synergy created from working collaboratively will result in greater accomplishments and impact than each group working on its own could ever hope to achieve. If you work separately, it will fragment the efforts and the resources, possibly leading to less accomplishment.

Public Awareness: Increased participation leads to increased stakeholder awareness. By involving a number of organizations, our mission and advocacy for supplier diversity can be transmitted to a great number of people, and through word-of-mouth with our stakeholders, to an exponentially larger pool of people.

Share resources: The sharing of resources and expertise can make daunting tasks more manageable. Also, it may be that you require technical expertise, knowledge or facilities that your own organization cannot provide.

Overcome Obstacles: Obstacles faced by one group may be overcome by another group.

Effective Representation: A partnership, coalition or network has more power to influence policy than a single organization because a larger and broader section of the business community is represented.

Avoid Duplication: Working together can help ensure efforts and services are not being unnecessarily duplicated, and that there is an appropriate distribution of resources.




The South African Supplier Diversity Council provides a wide range of services to our members (corporate and Government organisations) and our certified suppliers, which encompass:

-Access to SASDC Corporate members and a Pool of verified Black Owned Suppliers

-Supplier Diversity as well as Supplier Developments Best Practices, Tools and Training 

-Corporate Branding and Exposure through SASDC communication channels 

-Participation in events for Linkage and Match making between our Corporates and the Black Owned suppliers that we certify 

-Involvement in SASDC Governance, Leadership and Operational Structures (Membership Advocacy, Supplier Certification, Capacity Building and Black Supplier -  Input Committees) to drive member priorities and the organisations shared mission. 

-Facilitated and aligned Supplier Development interventions that supports member specific supplier capacity building objectives.

-A growing business network that extends to global partners around the world.

-Facilitating linkages between certified Black-owned suppliers and non-black owned businesses who are looking to partner and have specified partner  requirements upfront (NB: we connect the parties but do not broker deals)