"By celebrating, we reinforce the idea that supplier diversity makes good business sense. We recognize that  corporates and suppliers excel due to supplier diversity initiatives and we advocate their leadership by providing Brand Exposure through SASDC communication channels"



At the SASDC, we believe that celebrating supplier diversity successes - both big and small - is an important element of growing the buy-in and advocacy for it. By showing stakeholders that working with a black supplier helped generate value or secure a client win can give them the inspiration to do the same within the market and development opportunities that they manage. Ultimately, highlighting success with black suppliers makes it harder for individuals to ignore the power of building relationships with them.


By developing and promoting a culture that understands how to celebrate its supplier diversity successes, people will remain motivated, achievements will be valued more completely, and deeper relationships will be forged amongst interested and affected parties. Celebrating success motivates you to achieve more, creates a cumulative record of accomplishments, and it becomes almost effortless to generate the positive momentum you need to move forward. When our members and supplier celebrate their success, they are not only acknowledging their own success, they are also acknowledging all those that work with them and contributed to achieving their goal.