"Recognising that Buying is dependent on the relationship, we reliably foster business networks and relationships by Connecting Corporates & certified Black-owned Businesses"




Trust and linkages are inextricably intertwined within a supply chain. Organizations without linkages have little reason to “trust” each other, even if they do not “distrust” the other party. Conversely, trust might not be important if re-enforcement mechanisms exist to ensure compliance with a given set of rules governing their relationship (for example, contracts and other legal regulations). However, in the absence of an effective mechanism of enforcement, linkages without trust are invariably weak.

At the SASDC, we understand that “learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks” (Isaac Watts: 1674 – 1748). and As a result trust can be a major barrier for black businesses seeking to provide competitive solutions to new procurement decision-makers. Research has shown that sustainable business relationships are more than just a transaction. Building trust requires investing time and resources into getting to know your prospective business partner. One of our primary objectives is bringing together corporates and black-owned suppliers under the best possible circumstances to explore opportunities for doing business with each other. To this end, and in line with the “Connect” principle of our business model, we facilitate events and interventions that are aimed at cultivating trust as a conscious relationship development strategy that will enable the delivery of value-adding supplier diversity outcomes.