Through supplier diversity implementation, we help market leaders to sustainably integrate under-represented black suppliers into their supply chains - thereby directly improving their corporate brand & image, while increasing market share, competitiveness and compliance, and indirectly growing black businesses, employment and our economy.


The objective of the SASDC is to:


  1. Promote business and commerce through transformation.
  2. Serve as a conduit for corporate South Africa in order to reach black owned enterprises that are able to provide them with products and services, recognising such qualifying black enterprises as beneficiaries of the Company.
  3. Act as the intersection for corporate members and a growing pool of Black-owned enterprises to engage in sustainable business linkages through efficient targeted procurement programmes and effective enterprise and supplier development practices – in so doing, contribute to political and economic stability and enhance the country’s economic competitiveness as a key to sustained growth.

Our Service Solution is primarily focused on driving value through:


  1. Tailor-made support to members with the development of Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Strategies that are fully aligned to supplier diversity’s best practice principles.
  2. Aligned demand-driven services that support the effective implementation of ESD strategies for delivering intended outcomes.
  3. Turnkey Capacity Building solutions for corporate members to drive their respective strategies while at the same time providing a facilitated service for the development of suppliers on their behalf.
  4. The provision of an integrated environment for monitoring and evaluating the economic impact of ESD strategy delivery from a micro (corporate and/or supplier perspective) to a macro (Industry and/or Council perspective) level.