The SASDC facilitates linkage initiatives that support its primary objective - bringing together corporations and bona fide black-owned businesses under the best possible set of circumstances in the hope that they will do business with one another.


We aim to ensure optimal use of participant’s time by ensuring that such initiatives are in demand/opportunity based and focused on by making use of the following mechanisms to achieve this goal:

• Multi-stakeholder business-to-business matchmaking events,

• Corporate member-specific linkage initiatives,

• One-on-one meeting between specific corporate buyers and matched suppliers, and

• international business opportunity missions


As an outcome of our certification function, the SASDC maintains a directory of 51% or more black-owned suppliers.


If you are ready to be connected, our Supplier Directory provides you access (through a user-friendly and searchable interface) to valuable and verified information and credentials of Black-owned, managed and controlled businesses of varying turnovers, capabilities and expertise. We continue to certify new bona fide suppliers on a regular basis.


Please note that access to our database of certified suppliers is limited to members and requires you to be logged in. If you are not currently a registered user, click here to apply for a user account. For assistance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.